Express Love In The New Normal.

Since the advent of Covid-19, there has been interference that has somehow altered the way we live our lives, and how we co-exist with others. In the past, we enjoyed the privileges of sharing our emotions, thoughts, and time with the people we cherished. We fought with others, held grudges, and claimed never to forgive. We forgave, laughed aloud, and cried on each other’s shoulder. We helped each other in times of need, ate together, screamed our favourite songs, and danced to them. Our support for each other was like the third mainland bridge, where we drove through each other’s hearts without the fear of roadblocks, until we were six-feet apart. We are living in this reality now.

It was the Monday following my first semester exams, and all students were to vacate the school premises with immediate effect on Friday, March 23, 2020. At first, it was a joyous moment because I got the chance for an extra two weeks to study some more. Studying was intense, and I had sleepless nights all through to ensure I would requesting extra-sheet of papers. However, two weeks later, as ready for my exams as I could be, with the smoke emanating from my head sighted 10 meters away, my phone beeped a message. “The Federal government has declared another lockdown, in respect to these directories to prevent the contraction of the deadly virus, all students are required to stay safe at home..”. “Oooh, not again”, I exclaimed. Anyway, I saw it as an opportunity to multiply the coals in my fire to be more prepared, as a First-Class degree has always been my target.

The lockdown gradually got scary as there was always an increment in the period. No going out, no meeting with friends, just being in-doors with family members, cooking every three hours, and washing plates got frustrating. Just imagine washing heaps of plate four times a day!! I was already fed up and had left my books dusty without recognition.

After six months of breaking free from ‘house arrest’ and movements were allowed but restricted, things began to change. No hugging of friends when you meet, looking like ninjas with your nose masks, greeting by bowing your head like you are ready for combat. No chilling at cool spots. Everyone claimed that refraining from each others’ presence was an exhibition of love even when it hurt deep down. Due to this process, my relationships with others got so sour that talking and texting became a problem, especially with a lady I had admired right from my 100 level.

It was a new normal, with no light in the tunnel to our previous lifestyles. What happened to us these past months have been so traumatic that the majority of people are quietly contemplating suicide as their means of escape. We should reflect on love from within and project this love to someone, to anyone, and everyone. Never underestimate the power of a kind act. It might be the second chance for someone to live again. Show love, be love. Remember to Stay Safe, Simple, and Live Smart.

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