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AGILE Inside.This has been a long time dream being made manifest. The name has changed or evolved over the years, the team, the strategy but never the intent. So, from “One Accord” through “Inception,” to where it is right now, the more things change, the more they remain the side. Two things come to mind consequently… This is a generation whose time has come and also, delay is not denial.

The season is upon us and LOVE is in the air. But, we must not forget the celebration of the achievements and contributions of those that have gone before, as well as those who are deserving of honour, even now. It is also Black History month, when we rehash the many stars that make us black and proud.

Everyone knows that we have lost one of our beloved directors in the family life directorate, Pastor Yinka Akinbami, God bless his soul. A man of exceptional humility but with tremendous
impact that has touched so many, so that we wouldn’t have this department or myself as it’s pastor, but for him. Loss is always painful and usually, we are unprepared for it and we all respond differently. Some of us emote while others internalize, still others simply do not deal and run away from their thoughts and memories. But actions are what life is all about.

As such, I want to give a love challenge to everyone. Take out a few seconds or minutes to send someone that has blessed you, or who has been an influence on your life or deserving of honour or double honour, a good will message of love including atleast one detail as to why they are special.

Love is a big word. As a teacher, it is my pleasure and assignment to break down any and everything into bitesize digestible bits. Let’s see what we can attempt to say about love.

To BE.G.IN, love is both a noun and verb and this is important, because LOVE is. It abides forever and many would say, it is the oil or grease that makes things go round. In our faith, it is there a son for everything and the summary of all commandments. It is why you have life, quality of life and why you must give it. It is a cycle, from the cradle to the grave. From receiving love and care from your parents through infancy, to when you in turn provide love and care to them in their geriatrics. It is a balm that soothes the roughest rides so that regardless of your natural circumstances, you can manage just about anything if you are convinced you have love. It doesn’t fail but is largely misunderstood by many. In my opinion, this starts when you fail to realise that it must be free and given away.

Love is all around us but we must find it. Where can you find love? It is usually where you give it. But when you find love, you’ll realise that it was always there and it was actually love that found

Enter AGILE Inside. It is born of love for you and your family, designed to include you, induce you and involve you. So, do not reject the several opportunities that it presents for each of us to be discovered, developed and heard. We want to see you, hear you and feel you. Especially in this season where many of us have lost or know someone who has lost a dear one, don’t be far from

Abraham’s blessings are ours. This is the prophetic word pronounced on us by our senior pastor and the Metropolitan, for the year 2021. We have our marching orders and to appropriate all that
is ours, we must BEGIN. In Salt ‘n Edge, our strategy is to simply BE.G.IN. ‘BE excellent ”Go virtual’ and to ‘INtegrate. ‘What shall we discover about you? The blessing is upon you!


  1. Ikemefuna

    I love this and I’m very excited to have this platform to revel in and share my thoughts! Kudos! 👍🏾

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