Love Guarantees Protection.

Every night, we seek to protect ourselves and our families by locking our gates and doors, getting some security guards, putting in video surveillance and much more. Day in, day out, we take measures to protect ourselves from whatever may be coming against us. However, what truly keeps us is God’s divine protection. Do you realise that there is a connection between love and God’s divine protection? Naturally, as children of God, protection is our inheritance. But it is possible to lose that covering when we do not walk in love with others..

The bible tells us to love our neighbour as we love ourselves. Do you love yourself how God loves you? Are you seeing yourself how God sees you? Are you living in gratitude of how much grace and mercy God has shown you? Or are you comparing ourselves with others? Are you allowing other people to tell you who you are or who to be? Are you keeping a grudge or making a plan for revenge? The capacity to love your neighbour according to 1 Corinthians 13 depends on how much of God’s love, grace and mercy you have experienced and received for yourself, which depends on knowing who you are in Christ..

Who is your neighbour? Your neighbour could fit loosely into one of the following buckets – acquaintance, friend, frenemy and enemy. It is easy to love your friends but what about enemies? The bible teaches a lot on how to treat your enemies (see Luke 6 and Romans 12) because enemies are a part of life. Sometimes it can be friends that turn into enemies, like Saul became an enemy of David, or into frenemies, like Judas was with Jesus. Our role is to submit to God’s will to walk in love with our neigbour, even our enemies and frenemies, trusting that by obeying His command, we are guaranteed His divine protection.

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