Love the Earth.

I wish I wasn’t born 14 years ago, in 2115. I wish that I was born 118 years ago, in the year 2001, when the sun shone, radiating gentle heat and there were creatures called birds, I think, singing at your window every morning. From what I have heard, there used to be things called ‘trees’ that came out from the ground. I find that hard to believe, nothing could have ever grown from these infected grounds, but I could be wrong. My parents told me that there used to be oceans. Big, blue, and amazing oceans filled with clean, salty, and natural water covering 71% of the world. They said that the oceans had things called ‘fish’, such as frogfish and whale fish, and so many other types of fish that all sounded equally amazing.

Now, the only liquid that takes up 71% of the earth is oil, pitch black and deadly oil. And the refuse in the ocean doesn’t do anything to help its state. My parents told me that at first, they thought it was no big deal when an oil pipe would burst, and fish would die, as the mess was always cleaned up. Also, people would throw their refuse to sink to the bottom of the ocean. Most times, it would get washed up on shore, but it would always be hurled back into the ocean.

When my parents were teenagers, different industries were warned of our quickly dying world, but they didn’t listen. They kept on using the earth’s resources irresponsibly.

10 years ago, everything changed. I was in Denver with my family when we felt the effects of an explosion at a far distance. My mum turned on the television and we went through so many different channels, but none of them were transmitting, making us all anxious. We eventually found a news station and were served the cold hard facts. The biggest nuclear bomb factory in the world had exploded and everything and everyone within a 100-mile radius of the factory were as good as dead, while all plants and wild animals had burnt to ash, from the intense radiation.

The world was dead. At the time my older sister was 10 years old and understood everything that was unfathomable to me. So, she went outside, curious about the new state of the world, but it was a huge mistake. The second she stepped her foot out of the door, she was gone too, due to the deadly radiation from the sun. We cried out in anguish, realizing it could have been all of us if we had followed her outside.

We were locked up inside our brick home for a week, barely surviving with the little water and food we had left, when we heard a knock on the door. It was strange that someone could be outside long enough to be able to knock on the door, but we opened the door, anyway, to a stranger holding a white bag and wearing a sky grey suit.

We were saved.

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